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  • The total amount of the rental is due before you may enter the room. Texas Jam will provide a PA for hourly tenants, including mics, cables, mic stands and music stands. Any additional equipment requested will need to be rented as back-line.

  • Nothing is allowed to be plugged into the PA unless per-approved by Texas Jam management. Any damages to the equipment provided through misuse or negligence will be the tenants responsibility.

  • Hourly Tenants are allowed visitors that are equal to or less than the total amount of musicians in the group.

  • Tenant of the room is liable for any actions, damages or issues committed by their visitors, and will be held financially liable for them.

  • Please report any issues with the room to management, any damages incurred as a result of negligence will be the tenant's financial responsibility.

  • Texas Jam’s management and ownership have full right to enter the room at anytime for any reason.

  • Texas Jam is a NON-SMOKING facility, according to Dallas and Plano City Ordinance, this include e-cigarettes, vaping and electronic vaping devices in the definition of smoking and tobacco products. Texas Jam is also a drug and gun free zone. Texas Jam management and ownership have full right to evict tenant for use of tobacco inside the facility as well as possession of narcotics or firearms, with no questions asked. Any money given to Texas Jam prior to eviction will be forfeit by the tenant and any damages the facility or its personnel suffer do to these actions will be the tenants financial obligation.

  • Any single individual signing and acknowledging these rules below is doing so on behalf of all individuals listed above as well as any visitors that may enter the premises on their behalf or while being accompanied by the tenant in the future.



By entering into an hourly rental agreement with Texas Jam Rehearsal Studios, you acknowledge that you  have read the above mentioned rules and understand them completely, as well intend to abide by them at all times when on any of Texas Jam’s facilities or digital domains.. Texas Jam has full authority to change these rules at anytime and will notify you via writing or verbally.

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